The Bees Behind Our Raw Honey

Our Bees

The honeybee is an amazing creature in a little package. Every one of the tens of thousands of bees in a hive has an important role. We named ourselves after the intrepid forager bee, which is the worker bee that travels from flower to flower, gathering nectar and pollen to bring back to the hive which goes on to become the delicious honey we know so well.

Keeping bees in British Columbia and Saskatchewan promotes the propagation of a species that is critical for agriculture in Canada. Domestic and wild bees, including the honeybee, are responsible for pollinating approximately 70% of the world's leading crops for human consumption. Bees not only give us honey, but also blueberries, apples, peaches, and so many other fruits, berries, beans, and oilseeds. This is why we ensure everything we do not only results in delicious honey but also a healthy, thriving bee population.

If you would like to know more about how we keep bees or would like to be a beekeeper yourself please check our sister site:


Who is Three Foragers?

We (Angela and Andrew) are a wife-and-husband duo, city kids-turned-beekeepers, and the third generation in our family to work with bees. Beekeeping connects us to the land, to our climate, and gives us ongoing awareness about where our food comes from. We want to share that connection with the people we serve through our own products.

We focus on sustainable beekeeping, rich food sources, strict harvesting standards, minimal processing, and earth-friendly packaging so that you can feel confident using our honey and hive products to enhance your everyday living.