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Lemon and Ginger Infused Honey

Lemon and Ginger Infused Honey

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Taste a summer's worth of sunshine with this power burst of raw honey, lemon, and ginger. This bright, citrusy honey is perfect for soothing your throat or adding a burst of flavor to your savory dishes.

Our honey is harvested and packaged in small batches to preserve the uniqueness of our prairie honey. Unpasteurized and unblended, we make sure that all the natural benefits of our honey shines through.

Put this in: tea, lemonade, cocktails, yogurt, roast chicken, or salad dressings!

Ingredients: Pure Canadian Honey, Crystallized Lemon, Ginger.

Formerly called "Sunburst Honey".

Real Honey from Three Foragers

Our honey is harvested between July-August each year near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Every creamy spoonful is packed with nutrients, pollen, and the floral taste of our prairie flowers because we never pasteurize or blend our honey.

Each batch of honey is harvested from a unique location in Saskatchewan.

Our honey is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial thanks to the power of the beehive.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Unbelievable flavor. My favorite.

Dorothy M. (Ottawa, CA)

Love your honey, the lemon and ginger honey is my favourite, sooo good!!

Elaine M.T. (Lancaster, US)
Amazing honey

I received this when I ordered three jars of your creamed honey. I tried a spoonful and loved it. I’m very picky on the honey I buy and love and this stuff is amazing. Perfect blend of honey, lemon, and ginger. I make a ginger tea and add the honey for a unique touch of sweetness. Ordering a bigger jar right now.

Kathryn P. (Long Beach, US)

I will be buying this honey again!

Andi (Calgary, CA)
Happy Customer

The honey is soooo good! Wonderful flavor profile. I add it to my warm water every morning but honestly you could slather this stuff on anything.

Paul H. (Citrus Heights, US)
Delightful SURPRIZE

This was included with my order of three of the Creamed Honey and I wished I had ordered ONLY these - and just ordered 4 more! After this, I can't imagine why I'd want ANY OTHER honey!!

Real Honey that captures the taste of the prairies.

As the third most faked food in the world, honey can be confusing to purchase. You want to know that what you're getting is not only delicious, but also healthy and authentic.

We're here to close the gap between you and where your food comes from. The less steps between the farm and your pantry, the more transparent and nutritious your food will be.